Green Olive Tree Ministries

Our goal is to provide women with the components needed to experience a personal or group retreat in their home or community. We offer solid, inspiring biblical teaching and worship for your gathering.

Each year we make recorded video speaking and worship sessions available to women around the world. This content provides a starting point for a personal retreat or a gathering in your home or venue of choice.

But I am like an olive tree, flourishing in the house of God;
I trust in God’s unfailing love for ever and ever.
~ Psalm 52:8

2024 – Image Bearers

Knowing and believing who God says I am.

Who is this God Who says we are made in His own image?

Come along as we explore this topic and understand how it influences the way we see ourselves as women. When our identity is based on the truth of who God says He is and who we are, our day-to-day perspectives and motivations will change.

2023 – Hope

in Jesus when life doesn’t make sense

Angie Beachy and Lori Weaver will lead us to seek and find Jesus in the middle of our own suffering as well as how to walk along with someone else’s pain.

These women have walked through hard things and have known the healing love of Jesus. We know that His redeeming power will use them to speak to our hearts this year.

2022 – Joy

Living With Joy Through Knowing Jesus

Join us on a journey of joy and spiritual growth as we explore the essence of true happiness. Discover the secrets to obtaining and maintaining joy, even in difficult times. Find inspiration in knowing Jesus as the ultimate source of joy and learn practical strategies for a joy-filled life. Immerse yourself in a supportive community and embark on a path of lasting fulfillment.

2021 – Daughters of Forgiveness

Embracing Love, Compassion, and the Kingdom Within

As beloved daughters of a good Father, we explore how to live forgiven and free, extending forgiveness to others in our homes and communities. We dive into the transformative power of compassion, commitment, and vulnerability in our relationships, honoring our Father and each other. Finally, we discover the privilege of belonging to God’s family, as His power and glory shine through us, creating a haven of peace in our homes.